Woodward Brought Down Nixon and Trump is His New Target

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is determined to hand the public the truth, even if it's too hot to handle.

Bianney Perales

According to Bob Woodward, “President Trump said – well, real power is – I don’t like to use the word – real power is fear.”

Bob Woodward tears down a wall between the President and the public. In his book “Fear” he spent hours interviewing the people in the White House. From the President, to his daughter, to the people who scurry around him. There are countless accusations and events that now eagerly bask in the limelight. For example, some of his advisers went as far to steal paperwork off his desk in order to “protect the country.” Many of the interviewed strongly disagree some of Woodward’s research to be true. The book has caused enough scandal that Woodward to even say he would only release the interview tapes “if challenged.”

It seems as though the book is the pulling back of a heavy velvet curtain and the audience isn’t surprised. Woodward’s work is nothing short of remarkable. The book is centered on the flaws of the President and how he takes on the Oval Office. Woodward is the author of “The Final Days,” the book that fames him as one of the best journalists in history. Some may think that books like these only fester paranoia and bias, however “Fear” proves that suspicion is only an entrance into the truth.

Bob Woodward has been employed at The Washington Post since 1971 and is an Associate Editor today. Woodward is known to write about political scandals. Woodward has won almost every journalism award in his lifetime. Woodward is said to have an amazing ability to influence people to open up to him and it has aided him in his career.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist is determined to hand the public the truth, even if it’s too hot to handle.

The book is already a best seller and has sold over a million copies despite being released September 12th.

The book is on amazon for $18.00