Halloween Movies to Binge

Halloween Movies to Binge

Kailyn Licari, Staff Rider

    It’s finally the month of spooks and dressing up, meaning it’s time to crack out the halloween movies. There’s so many out there however that it can be hard to choose what to watch. That’s why I’ve compiled a couple to get you started:

Childhood Nostalgic halloween movies

Halloween Town: It’s a disney channel classic from the late 90s about a family who through following their grandmother to her home in Halloweentown find out they’re witches. They then end up getting entangled in a fight against an evil that threatens to take over the world. Even if you aren’t a 90s kid you’ve most likely seen this movie so it’s the perfect nostalgic watch for anyone.


Hocus Pocus: Even if you haven’t seen this movie you’ll probably recognize the iconic witch trio. In the movie a group of friends accidently release a coven of evil witches who wish to become immortal. Now the friends must try to steal the witches’ spellbook to stop the trio’s goal of immortality. When we were younger this movie was terrifying but now that we are older it’s a comedic and entertaining watch.


The Addams Family: Almost everyone can recognize their famous theme song and hauntingly comical attitudes. The Addams family follows this tightly knit peculiar family that has a love for the occult and the odd as they are reunited with a long lost family member, uncle Fester. They however suspect he is not who he says he is and chaos pursues. This is a haunting classic everyone should add to their watch list.


Halloween comedy movies

Scary Movie Saga: It’s the quintessential Halloween comedy series as its a mocking of scenes from pretty much every horror movie. It makes fun of and parodies common horror movie troops and popular horror movie scenes and moments. It’s great to binge with friends for a good laugh.


Beetlejuice: A couple who died in a car crash are stuck haunting there old countryside home. When a mother and her teen daughter move in the couple tries to scare them away. They end up attracting the spirit of Beetlejuice who offers to help and chaos ensues.  Beetlejuice is a fun movie to watch when you’re looking for some spooks and comedy.


The Final Girls: Unlike the other movies this one’s a bit newer and not as well known. The movie follows a group of friends who get transported into a 80s slasher flick (camp bloodbath) and must use their knowledge of horror movie tropes to survive. It’s a fun watch and the satarycial but emotional layout is sure to leave you enjoying every bit.


Halloween scary movies

Halloween Trilogy: With the latest addition to this long running series coming out soon it’s a good idea to rewatch the classic trilogy. Dawning Halloween in the name, the movie follows Michael Myers, a killer who escaped a sanitarium and returns to his hometown in order to find new victims. It’s the perfect spooky classic series to binge for halloween.     


Scream: “Scream” was a game changer for slasher horror with how it pretty much re-invented the whole genre. This self aware slasher is the story of a (iconically) masked serial killer stalking and killing highschool students. It’s a especially good idea to watch it before “Scary Movie” since “Scream” is heavily parodied in it.


Friday the 13th:

Everyone knows how friday the 13th is an unlucky day and it’s no different in this slasher film. A group of new counselors go to a camp with a history of murder during this unlucky day. Unsurprisingly the group ends up being stalked by the killer who committed those murders. It’s a unforgettable prequel to the legacy of Jason that should be seen by everyone.