Manifest: NBC’s New Hit Show


Manifest on NBC

Alicia DeMar, Staff Writer

As fall approaches, new seasons of T.V shows premiere and often new series. This fall, NBC premiered Manifest, a sci-fi  drama about a flight that went missing and was found five years later-no one on the flight aged and no one on the flight was aware of the years that passed. Each passenger returns expecting their lives to continue as they were before they stepped aboard Montigo Air Flight 828 but years of change await them.

The show focuses on the Stone family including siblings, Ben and Michaela, and Ben’s son who suffers from a terminal illness. Their lives change forever as their families have moved on with the assumption that they were dead and they return as the FBI’s top priority and greatest mystery.

Beyond the obvious problems ahead of them, a deeper mystery resides as the question arises if this second chance is for something greater. Each person on the flight begins experiencing “symptoms” from the strange flight that lead them to believe they apart of a greater force than they could have ever imagined.

Manifest premiered September 24 and has been the top viewed show of the night in competition with hit shows 9-1-1 and The Voice. The show has gone up in views each week and seems on track for a future season just three weeks in.

Manifest airs Mondays at 10/9c on NBC