Chiefs Paint Lake Worth Streets

Chiefs participate in annual street painting festival.


Hailey Velong

Each artist has a different approach, this one decided to outline the entire piece first.

Aliya Linan and Hailey Velong

This Saturday was the annual Street Painting festival in Downtown Lake Worth. This event began in 1995 and has been increasingly popular ever since. This event is a great place to listen to music, shop, eat, dance and see amazing art not only done by professional artists but Santaluces’ very own artists. This two-day event allows these artists to create an image on the pavement using only chalk. Over the course of these two days, over 250 images were created.

Santaluces had six groups of students each creating their own unique image. Santaluces has been part of this event for ten years. Some students such as Aimee Scalo have been part of this event with Santaluces for many years.

“It’s my third year doing this. It’s really fun and a lot of work when you have to grid it out and do the sidewalk chalk because everything blends and you’ll cut your fingers up,” Scalo said. “But in the end, it looks really nice when you finally finish and you’re able to look at it and say ‘Yes! I did that’”

For others, such as Junior Norma Marquez, it was their first year and they were nervous to begin.

“It was my first year doing the Street Art Festival. I’m pretty excited but also really nervous because it has always been a big thing to me, I’ve always loved coming here in previous years and I’ve always wanted to enter but I never have because I chicken out but this is cool and it’s a good experience.

Photography teacher and National Art Honor Society sponsor Ms. Ardner, Art teacher Mr. Johnson and former Santaluces Visual Tech teacher Mr. Badome, spent the long hours with their students as they worked on their art pieces.

“They did such a great job and we had such a good time,” Ardner said. “I loved it. We had a great day it was gorgeous out and they really pulled through and showed off. They represented Santaluces very well.”


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