The Jonas Brothers Are Making A Comeback


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The Jonas Brothers at an awards show during their 2013 prime.

Shaina Francis, Staff Writer

On March 1 at midnight, the Jonas Brothers released their first song since 2013. The new single, “Sucker,” hit the internet by storm since the announcement of its arrival only days prior while in a Carpool Karaoke segment with James Corden.

The Jonas Brothers released their first album in 2006. The teen members, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas then went on to be teen pop-stars. The band appeared in the Disney Channel movie “Camp Rock,” and even went on to have their own tv show “Jonas.”

Since their break-up, the boys have grown up a large amount. Nick and Kevin Jonas are now both married, Kevin has two children, and Joe Jonas is engaged. Since their time in the spotlight, fans everywhere have followed their careers of acting and other music-making. Nothing though compares to their original hits.

Their most popular songs such as “Burnin’ Up”, “Year 3000”, and “S.O.S.” marked a spark to the love of boy bands for many kids in the mid-2000s. This comeback then brings many back to their childhood of loving this dreamy pop band.

The new song “Sucker” is a love song about each member’s love of their life. It brings fans back to their original sound while still showing that they have grown and matured since the break-up. Their return had been in the works for months in complete secret, in order to make their return announcement even more bewildering.

When asked about how she feels about the band’s return, Santaluces teacher Hope Matuella said, “It makes me insanely excited. I have begun to relive childhood moments and it’s exciting to fangirl over them all over again.” Sophia Clifton said, “I felt like the song was much better than expected,” when she heard the new single.

People of all ages are ecstatic over this new song. Fans have now also begun to speculate that a tour will be announced in the near future. No matter what the outcome, the Jonas Brothers have once again captivated audiences everywhere.