TwinsTheNewTrend Reviewers Rise to the Top


Chwoeger Charleston, Staff Writer

With more than half a million subscribers, TwinsthenewTrend is a YouTube channel composed of Tim Williams and his twin brother Fred Williams. They do a variety of content such as pranks and vlogs, but they are well known for their amazing reactions to music that their fans recommend.

The twins, 22, go beyond just the popular modern rap music of today and explore many varieties of genres; they’ve reacted to anything from modern rap to classic rock.

They will give genuine and often comedic reactions to any song. This year their video reacting to Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” went viral outside of just YouTube with 7.5 million views, reaching many people through many other media such as Facebook and Instagram. News outlets such Good Morning America, CNN, and the Los Angeles Times interviewed the twins, who live in Indiana.

If you want to be put on to different and fire music, their channel is the place to go.

My top favorite reactions so far, in no specific order, are :

  2. FIRST TIME HEARING Eminem, Dr. Dre – Forgot About Dre ft. Hittman REACTION
  3. Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now (Official Video)
  4. FIRST TIME HEARING Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight REACTION


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