The Shows You Missed in the 2000s

Chwoeger Charleston and Tristan Baldeo

In the 2000s there were many great shows on television, however, most of us Chiefs couldn’t have been any older than 8 years old and were most likely hooked on the three main kids channels: Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, and Nickelodeon. Now that we are old enough to watch and appreciate these old shows, here are five TV shows that I highly recommend that you may have not heard of or just never got around to watching.

  1. Malcolm in the Middle

One of my favorites sitcoms from the 2000s is Malcolm in the Middle with Frankie Muniz, which you may have known from the Agent Cody Banks series. The comedy is about a genius troublemaker named Malcolm and his loud and dysfunctional. Despite all the conflict and chaos in the family, there is always a  sense of satisfaction at the end of each episode as they always come together to show that nothing could ever really come between them. It did feature the occasional adult humor so you most likely didn’t watch this show but now is your chance. The episodes are pretty short so you won’t be wasting too much time.

  1. Psych

This show features six seasons of mystery, crime, and pure comedy. Shawn Spencer, a goofy, yet highly intelligent and observant man uses his skills to trick the entire Santa Barbara Police Department into believing that he is psychic, thus the dual meaning of the show “Psych”. He and his best friend, Gus, open a psychic agency and regularly solve difficult cases for the police department, they can be a hilarious nuisance but are undoubtedly helpful. I usually do not like crime shows and movies because of their repetitive plots, but the end of the episodes in these shows are almost always unpredictable. 

  1. Lost

If you have a Netflix subscription, then you might have heard of this show before, but with all the current series Netflix is always releasing, you probably also haven’t gotten around to watching it. If this is the case, drop everything you are watching and start watching Lost, you will not regret it. The plot itself is an intriguing one: a group of plane passengers crashes on a mysterious island with no way back to society. Questions about the island and the characters’ past rise up as the plot advances and become complex. I can’t promise you won’t get completely hooked. It was a very popular show in the 2000s and I truly believe we need to bring it back.

  1. Heroes

This is another 2000s show on Netflix that I am sure you’ve scrolled past, and wrongfully so. Who doesn’t like a show about people with superpowers? The show includes four seasons of flying men, murdering-power hungry villains, and secret government organizations: all recipes of a great show. The main characters suddenly develop superpowers and discover a world within their own society that they never knew existed as they fight for their lives and attempt to “save the world”. 

  1. The Wire

The Wire is one of those shows that many people could say outlined the era of the 2000s very well. With high ratings all across the board from various critics, the crime show takes place in Baltimore and focuses on the drug scene through the eyes of many individuals, primarily law enforcement. First airing in 2002 and ending in 2008 after five seasons, some dictate this as one of the best shows of all time.  It’s available on Hulu and HBO Max so if you’re a fan of crime shows this is one you should definitely give a watch.

With the five shows given, Chiefs should hit the rewind button on the years, grab some snacks, and admire the beauty behind these shows and how well they’ve aged. Hopefully, you’ve found something from this list that peaks your interest, and with time that you’ll be able to form your own opinion.