Taylor Swift Impresses All During Quarantine


Taylor Swift via Instagram

Swift has released an abundance of new work during lockdown

Kylee Johnson, Editor

Over the span of the last eight months, Taylor Swift has released a large accumulation of works, between writing two brand new albums, releasing two Disney+ concerts, producing two new music videos, and being featured on multiple magazine covers.

In May, Swift announced the release of her 2019 concert in Paris on ABC, Hulu, and Disney+, giving fans around the globe something to look forward to during the beginning months of quarantine.

Then, in July, Swift announced her eight studio album, folklore, just 16 hours before it dropped. The same night, the music video for the lead single cardigan came out.

Usually, Swift creates a new album every two years, releasing it in the fall months and taking strategic steps like designing a brand new color scheme, wardrobe, and sound. Because of this, fans were shocked by the sudden release of folklore, which came out just eleven months after her seventh studio album, Lover.

In November, she announced another concert documentary on Disney+ entitled folklore: the long pond studio sessions, once again surprising fans everywhere. Swift is known for having tricks and surprises up her sleeve at all times, hiding ‘Easter eggs’ in her work that hint at projects years later. However, fans were really caught off guard when she announced–yet ANOTHER–full album on December 10 entitled¬†evermore, as well as a music video for its leading single willow.

It’s very clear that Swift has been quite busy over these months of lockdown. While she has been keeping herself sane through songwriting, she has also brought much happiness and escapism into millions of fans and listeners worldwide. For fans that find strength in Swift’s work, the 52 new songs released within the past 15 months have helped add a light to this dark year.