“The Batman” Expectations


DC Films

Robert Pattinson plays Batman in “The Batman” releasing March 4, 2022. This trailer screenshot is taken by Vox.

The DC Fandome event was an online comic book convention held on August 22, 2020. Due to COVID-19, the annual San Diego Comic-Con was shut down in order to keep fans safe. 

While I did not attend the online convention, I was able to view updates through social media about some of my favorite characters and projects that DC were working on. 

Recently, as I was reading the newer Batman comics, I was reminded of “The Batman” trailer that was released during DC Fandome. Since Batman is one of my favorite characters, I was very excited for one the first official looks at how the movie will be.  

The trailer was amazing; I love the casting of Robert Pattinson as Batman and Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman. I think they will give a refreshing, new take on these iconic characters. A possible romance could also be shown similar to the one they have in the comics. 

“The Batman” is supposed to be a darker and grittier take on the character since he has been featured in live-action movies. Director Matt Reeves did hint that this movie was going to be quite different compared to the previous movies. It is intended to be for a mature audience, with a possible R-rating due to some violence. 

The most known films are a part of “The Dark Knight” trilogy which stars Christian Bale as Batman. I think Bale did a great job as Batman and gave a moody and cold vibe, but I still despise the gravelly voice. He also represented the “Playboy Wayne” persona great as well.   

Another variation of Batman was played by Ben Affleck, who was in Batman vs. Superman and Justice League. His version is also known as “Batfleck” across social media. Affleck plays an older Bruce Wayne who is learning how to fight alongside a team. 

While these recent versions of Batman are interesting, I am way more excited for Robert Pattinson’s version. I have always liked the frightening and thrilling side of the Batman and Batfamily comics, and seeing that come to life is incredible. 

“The Batman” releases on March 4, 2022.