Gabriel Iglesias Stars In New Show on Netflix



Mr.Iglesias is available to stream on Netflix.

Miranda McRae, Staff Writer

Comedian, Gabriel Iglesias aka “Fluffy” is the star of the new Netflix Original series Mr. Iglesias. The show is a mixture of comedy and emotion. The entire show is the journey of Mr. Iglesias and his students as they go through high school.

The students face problems and solve them together. I think the show is great because they brought comedy to a show based on high school. The show brings you through an emotional roller coaster while making you laugh. The show teaches a lot of life lessons that would help those in high school. As well as the life lessons that are harder to find, but if you think about it, it automatically clicks. Fluffy has been a comedian for adults for many years and I think it’s amazing that he is the star in a show for teenagers. With this show, lessons are taught in a way we teenagers understand, which is through humor and through something we would enjoy watching.

Currently, there are three parts; part one has 10 episodes, part two has six episodes, part three has five episodes. Personally, if you are looking for something funny to binge watch on Netflix I recommend Mr. Iglesias.