Taylor Swift releases “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”


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Taylor Swift proudly releases the re-recording of her 2008 album, Fearless

Kylee Johnson, Editor

Taylor Swift released her highly anticipated re-recorded album Fearless. With 27 tracks, the album offers the re-recorded

songs that were originally on 2008’s Fearless, new “From the Vault” tracks, and a Love Story remix. This comes just two days after Swift released Mr. Perfectly Fine (From the Vault).

Fearless was Swift’s second studio album, released in November 2008 when Swift was 18 years old. With an angsty but romantic atmosphere, the ‘coming-of-age’ theme is prevalent throughout the 19-track project. The album included the famous You Belong with Me and Love Story, two of Swift’s earliest major hits, also earning her Album of the Year at the 2010 Grammy’s.

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Back in the summer of 2019, Swift found out that the masters of her first six studio albums were being sold for $300 million to one of her greatest enemies. In spite of this, and in honor of her passion to allow artists to own their own work, Swift revealed that she would re-record her entire discography previously owned by her old label, Big Machine Records.

After strategically dropping hints like using two yellow hearts in social media captions (Fearless is her second album and the main color is yellow), Swift revealed in January that the first re-recorded album to be released would be Fearless (Taylor’s Version). In addition to this, she disclosed that six unheard tracks would be released. These tracks are ones that did not make it onto the original album in 2008.

After this release, Swift officially owns Fearless, which is a huge win for all artists struggling to own their work.