YouTuber Technoblade Announces He Was Diagnosed With Cancer



Technoblade’s official social media logo.

Azzurra Degliuomini, Editor

On Friday, August 27, Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade returned to YouTube after a two-month hiatus with a video titled, “where I’ve been.” In this video, he announces he has a brand new collaboration with YouTooz, a company that allows content creators to create plushies out of their memes or character.

But, this isn’t the part that has shocked the Minecraft Youtube (MCYT) community. Early in the video, Technoblade announces he was diagnosed with cancer in early August after going to the doctor because he was experience arm and shoulder soreness.

Technoblade has been around both the YouTube and Minecraft scene for a decade, but he gained most of his popularity around 2017 when Minecraft server Hypixel came out with games like Bedwars and Hunger Games. Technoblade would make commentary videos while having Minecraft gameplay of these games playing on the screen, all the while beating some of the top players in these servers. He quickly earned the catchphrase, “Technoblade never dies.”

This led him to join Minecraft tournaments and servers like Minecraft Mondays, Minecraft Championship, SMP Earth, and one of the most popular Minecraft servers, the Dream SMP. The Dream SMP was founded by Youtuber and Twitch streamer Dream along with his friends Sapnap, GeorgeNotFound, BadBoyHalo, and a few others.

The Dream SMP’s popularity has skyrocketed during the pandemic due to many more popular Minecraft streamers and YouTubers joining the server.

Technoblade has stated that he has started chemotherapy and is going to go into another round of chemotherapy soon.

Both the MCYT community and fandom have come out in support of Technoblade by using the #TechnoSupport on Twitter.