Interesting Netflix Suggestions

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer

The top 10 most current popular TV shows and movies on Netflix are Manifest, All American, Hit and Run, On My Block, I Care A lot, Who Killed Sarah, Good Girls, Stranger Things, The 100, and Containment.


Manifest is a TV series about a group of passengers who get on a plane and disappear for five years, coming back to a world that presumed them dead. Shortly after arriving back, the group of passengers began to hear and see visions, or as they call them, “callings.”

All American

Daniel Ezra playing as Spencer James as an American football player who has wins and losses of both families and a mixture of a love triangle.

Hit And Run 

A man that lost his wife in a tragic hit-and-run accident and looks for the truth behind her death, while becoming caught up in a web of secrets about her.