Drake Has Once Again Released Another Overhyped Album



The cover photo for Drake’s 6th album, Certified Lover Boy.

Brian Reache, Staff Writer

Drake has released the long-awaited album called ¨Certified Lover Boy¨ that was set to be released January 2021, but due to his injury, he set the date back just to make people wait for something so mid.

The way he tried to tell everybody that the album was coming soon made me think that this might be his best album yet. Certified Lover Boy has basic level wordplay and the beats he raps over are slow. I don’t know why I was so excited when he said it was going to be a full-on rap album because this just shows that Drake is not a rapper, but an R&B artist that can kind of rap.

I feel like the features carried the album, but even the features themselves aren’t even that great. The features included artists Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Future, Young Thug, Rick Ross, 21 Savage, and many more.

Even throughout all of that, the album still had some good songs. My top songs are TSU, Way 2 Sexy, IMY2, and In 2 Deep.

As you can see, these are the songs that Drake has an R&B type of style to. I give the album 6.5/10 due to its features, average flow, basic wordplay, and the way it was overhyped.