#YBBETTER is Youngboy in His Prime Right Now or is he Getting Better?

This is a picture of Youngboy Never Broke Again for his last Studio album called Top.


This is a picture of Youngboy Never Broke Again for his last Studio album called Top.

Brian Reache, Staff Writer

Sincerely Kentrell has finally dropped, and with the hype and mass appeal he got from its hiatus, Youngboy Never Broke Again has blessed many.

Even while he’s still in jail due to multiple charges of possession of weapons that are not his, he is still able to have a huge fanbase, and people still riding with him to the end. He added two more tracks to the album yesterday at 6 pm.

The meaning of his album is to show aspects of his childhood and to emphasize how his life is going by telling us his downfalls and accomplishments right now in his life. Youngboy is one of my favorite rappers for sure and Sincerely Kentrell did not disappoint in any way.

The day the album dropped was crazy; everybody I knew was bumping their heads and dancing to the new album. The album was definitely trending here at Santaluces. As I was listening to the album when it first came out, the first song was already a bop, and I was thinking maybe this might be the album of the year.

The way Youngboy structured this song makes it seem like he is keeping us on our toes. When he puts a more melodic song and then a hype song right after, it feels like a rollercoaster of emotions.

His wordplay and delivery impressed me the most about this album.

This shows that he learned from the mistakes he made on the last album, Top, and he worked on it.

My rating for this album is definitely an 8.5/10. Even though it was an improvement from his last album, it still was not better than his best project, which was AI Yongboy 2.

My recommended songs are “Rich Sh**,” “Toxic Punk,” “Bad morning,” “50 Shots,” and the many other great songs that are on this album.