The Internet and its Obsession with “Leaking” Faceless YouTubers’ Faces



Fanart of YouTubers Dream and Corpse Husband, created by Brumicek.

Azzurra Degliuomini, Editor

In more recent years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of YouTubers that have chosen to remain faceless on the internet. Some of these big names include YouTubers Dream and Corpse Husband.

For them, remaining faceless gives them the privacy of being able to do whatever they want in public without fear of being recognized, while at the same time enjoying the luxury of being called an influencer and being able to entertain millions of people on the internet.

But, they also face another problem. 

In more recent years, the internet has begun an obsession with trying to “leak” people’s faces onto the internet; specifically, the ones that don’t want their faces known. 

This has happened to both Dream and Corpse Husband on several occasions, and it’s nothing short of disrespectful to those affected by it.

A few months back, someone “leaked” a photo of Dream onto the internet, claiming that it was him. Unfortunately, since the guy in the photo didn’t live up to the beauty standard of people, many started making fun of the guy. 

It was later revealed that the guy in the photo was in fact not Dream, but another guy on the internet. Due to all the hate he received, it was rumored that he ended up going to therapy because of it. 

This has once again most recently happened with Corpse Husband, Corpse for short. 

Corpse is no stranger to people claiming they’ve leaked his face onto the internet. There have been multiple times someone has leaked a photo of a guy that’s “supposedly Corpse,” but it ended up turning out that it wasn’t him. 

This time, someone claims that it actually is him. 

Around the weekend of September 25, a user posted alleged photos of Corpse onto the site, including some with his family. This person states that the photos of Corpse are from around 2010, making Corpse around thirteen years old at the time. 

The guy in the photo had longer, straightened-out hair, something that Corpse stated he did when he was younger. 

Just like Dream, because the guy in the photo doesn’t meet people’s expectations of what Corpse should look like, people started attacking him, while simultaneously attacking his fans because they “made him out to be this attractive guy.” 

Though, some on the internet have come to his defense. 

One Twitter user stated, “Now I KNOW people aren’t coming online to s**t on Corpse Husband’s alleged appearance after years of preaching anti-bullying, body positivity bulls***. Y’ALL are the ugly ones on the inside.” 

Some fellow internet personalities have also come to Corpse’s defense, as well.

“The Corpse Husband dox thing makes me mad. The fact that the people who did the dox say it’s cause they’re mad that he “lets” his fans fantasize over how he might look??” Youtuber Taylor Nicole Dean states. “It’s f****d to take his privacy away all because you think you’re owed something since he makes content online.”

Everything that they’ve stated is, in fact, true. 

Corpse Husband has stated that he suffers from body image issues, and this controversy might make a heartbreaking situation even worse. 

There is a chance that the guy in the photo is not even Corpse, and the internet has once again attacked an innocent person for no reason whatsoever. But, even if it is Corpse, what does it matter? A photo that was taken eleven years ago certainly can’t possibly mean that’s what the person is going to look like now. 

But, even if he still looks like that now, there’s no problem. He looks like a regular guy you would see out on the street. 

Social media has created a toxic beauty standard that does nothing but harm everyone involved. Unfortunately, I don’t see this standard disappearing anytime soon.