“Squid Game” Top 10 Trending On Netflix


CBS News

Have you watched Netflix’s latest hit, Squid Game?

Chanel Smith, Staff Writer

Squid Game is based on a real-life children’s game. In Korea, neighborhoods came together and played this particular game. 456 contestants accept an invitation to compete in a children’s game; one must make it through all 6 rounds to win the final prize, but the stakes are deadly.

Red Light, Green Light was the first round. Contestants must make it to the other side within a certain amount of time without being eliminated. An electric doll will say “red light, green light,” and if she detects movement when she says “red light,” a rifle will shoot and kill the player(s).

The second game involves trying to cut a shape into either a circle, triangle, star, or umbrella out of a honeycomb. Those who break their shape are killed.

In the third game, the contestants are told to get into teams of 10. After they are in their teams, they’re told they will be playing tug of war, with the losing team falling to their deaths.

Contestants get into pairs for the fourth game and they each have 10 sets of marbles. They can play any game of their choice, with the loser being eliminated.

With there being 16 players left out of the 456, the fifth game sees the players selecting a number between 1-16. There is a bridge they must cross with two different types of glass as a panel: one that can hold at least 2 people, and one that breaks instantly.

Without jumping on the wrong panel, they must cross or fall to their death.

The final game, “Squid Game” which the last two players, Gi-Hun and Sang Woo, played as little kids.

Will they turn on each other? Will they walk away? Find out on Netflix!