Last Night in Soho


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A cover poster for the new hit movie, Last Night in Soho.

Marisia Aquino-Woods, Staff Writer


Hey, my loves.

Yet again, I have major news for my beloved horror fanatics. On Friday, October 29th, Last Night in Soho, directed by Edgar Wright, is set to be premiering all over theaters, providing many of my loves out there a chance to get out for a night, or just simply get a good scare in.

Last Night in Soho follows within the life of an ordinary young woman named Eloise played by Thomasin Mckenzie. She has a love for fashion and is strongly fascinated with the trends and music from London during the 1960s. Seeking a well profound career in fashion, Eloise decides to create a life within one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world… London.

However, as the story develops, you begin to notice that Eloise is not just your average typical young woman. In fact, the movie betrays Eloise as a gifted, yet admirable individual who can see and talk to those amongst the dead.

However, as the plot thickens, Eloise finds herself having the ability to transport herself back into the glamorous year of 1966. Only to then reveal that within Eloise’s dreams, it is shown that she is living the life of a young aspiring nightclub singer from the 1960s named Sandie, portrayed by Anya Taylor- Joy. This allows Eloise to gain the confidence and reassurance that she always dreamt of.

This only ends up leading Eloise into becoming obsessed with Sandie’s ideal overall lifestyle, causing her to change her overall sense of character within the movie.

This begins to take a toll on Eloise as she dives deeper into the young singer’s life. Beginning to realize that it’s not always bright lights and glamor, but instead a city full of unserved justice and covered-up crimes, leaving Eloise, in the end, to unravel the undefining truth within, creating a world of murder and mystery all in one.

Will she discover the truth, or be stuck down the same path?


The official cover posted for Last Night in Soho, out in theaters on October 29.


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