What Started Off As An Entertaining Night, Suddenly Turns Deadly


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Travis Scott Performing At Astroworld Festival Concert In Houston, Texas.

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

Travis Scott, a well-known musical artist is facing a lot of scrutiny due to his last performance. 

On Friday, November 5, 2021, Travis Scott held an Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas. 

Around 50,000 people were in attendance at this concert, and it is reported that 8 people died and others were injured.

What everybody believed was going to be a fun night to enjoy, suddenly becomes the most traumatic event out of all Travis Scott’s performances. Many people who attended the concert have voiced their dissatisfaction with the performance on TikTok, with many characterizing it as “demonic.”

With approximately 50,000 people there, several people claim that it was difficult to breathe, and some even passed out. Medics arrived to give medical assistance to those who needed it, but it was an overwhelming amount of people who required it. Fans were trying their best to help those who passed out, but there wasn’t much they could do with the number of people surrounding them. 

Amid all the turmoil that was happening, people were trying to alert Travis Scott, yelling “help, help!” However, he continued to perform and ignored the audience. There is a video that shows an ambulance in the crowd, which Travis Scott notices but dismisses by telling the crowd “if everybody could put a middle finger up in the sky.”

There is also a video showing that security approached him on stage notifying him that there was something awry going on, but he backs them away, inferring that he doesn’t want anything to interfere with his performance. 

After figuring out that at least 8 people died, Travis Scott states that he is “absolutely devastated.”

Many individuals claim that it is Travis’ fault because he ignored the numerous cries of help and did absolutely nothing to stop the performance. 

Many people, however, argue that it isn’t his fault because it wasn’t like he could jump off the stage and help the audience, basically stating that there wasn’t much he could do even if he wanted to help.

The next day, Saturday, November 6, 2021, he comes out with an apology on his Instagram story. He is seen rubbing his hands on his face with the look of agony. Many individuals believe that this “apology” is not sincere because he continued to perform despite him seeing and hearing the ambulance and pleas for assistance.