The Marauders Fandom Remembers Their Beloved Characters on Halloween

The Marauders fandoms is still kicking today.

Kate Saprkatart

The Marauders fandoms is still kicking today.

Samantha Gotthoffer, Club Member

Halloween 2021 marked 40 years since the death of James and Lily Potter. The Marauders fandom is separate from the Golden Trio fandom because it has nothing to do with them.

The Marauders are basically the parents of Harry Potter and based on the first wizarding war. In the Harry Potter books, we got some flashbacks of the Marauders, but most of the Marauders are based on fandom headcanons.

This Halloween marked 40 years since the death of Lily and James Potter. While these characters are fictional, they have made their way into so many people’s hearts, including my own.

The fandom gets most of their information from fanfictions, mostly from All The Young Dudes by Misskingbean on AO3.

It gives a whole background on the Marauders through their 1st year to the end of Prisoner of Azkaban. The Marauders fandom brings out a lot of background information from Harry Potter to light. On Halloween, TikToks from the Marauders fandom posted edits of the downfall of Halloween 31, 1881.

It generally shows the heartbreak of Peter Pettigrew’s betrayal and Sirius wrongfully going to Azkaban. It shows the downfall of the Marauders altogether.