‘Maid’ on Netflix


New York Times

Alex and Maddy at a ferry station after losing their transportation and home.

Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer

Maid is a new show on Netflix that started streaming on the website on October 1st.

This story is about a single mother leaving an emotionally abusive relationship. All alone, Alex, the main character is on the run from her boyfriend, Shawn, the father to her two-year-old daughter, Maddy. Alex has no family or friends that could help. Her mother had an undiagnosed bipolar disorder, her father was absent from her life, and her friends were all on Shawn’s side.

Alex was emotionally abused and constantly feared that one day Shawn would come home drunk and hit her. Alex was afraid something could happen to her daughter. She left her home, all alone with her daughter, with only a bag of clothes, and decided she would be better off living in her car than with Shawn. She started working with a company called Value Maids. It was very hard and she was living in a domestic violence home for a little.

In the end, she made it out and chased her dream of becoming a writer.

I think this is a very inspirational story for victims of domestic violence. It shows that they are not alone and that many women go through this. Not only that but there are resources that can help them. It shows that although it may seem impossible to do it all alone, there is a way.

Alex went through so much during the show and still made it out for her daughter. In the state of Washington, emotional abuse isn’t considered abuse. So, it was harder to prove that Alex was right, so that they wouldn’t take her daughter away from her.

Despite all the odds stacked against her, she won the case. Shawn decided that he wasn’t stable enough to take care of their daughter and Alex was handed full custody of her daughter. It’s hard to take the first step, but in the end, it is worth it.