‘Colombiana’ on Netflix



This is what the Cattleya orchid looks like.

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

Colombiana is a movie on Netflix that was released in 2011 and covers the story of a young girl named Cataleya Restrepo.

Unfortunately, Cataleya had to witness her parents get murdered in front of her by a group of Bogota gangsters.

Her father, Fabio Restrepo, was planning on leaving behind the criminal life, and the drug lord, Don Luis Sandoval, wasn’t too happy with that and had Fabio set up to be killed by his associate, Marco.

In an attempt to flee his place, Fabio gave his daughter a necklace with a Cattleya orchid on it. This necklace was a gift from Fabio’s mother, and it is why Cataleya has the name she has.

He also gave Cataleya a card. The card had an address on it to Cataleya’s uncle in Chicago; if something terrible were to happen, she could have somewhere safe to stay. In addition, Cataleya was handed a chip that had all the information on Don Luis.

When she arrived in Chicago, she was met by her uncle, Emilio, who she hadn’t seen in a long time. Cataleya tells her uncle that when she grows up, she wants to know how to be a killer, so she could get revenge on Don Louis for having her parents killed.

The now grown-up Cataleya has killed 20 people who Don Louis knows, and with every kill, she leaves behind a signature: the cattleya orchid.

Her uncle, Emilio, realizes that 20 people is an excessive amount of people to kill so he orders Cataleya to stop in order to prevent his family from getting hurt, but Cataleya refuses until she finally gets the revenge she wants for her parents.

Cataleya has one mission, and it’s to help get the justice she wants from her parents being assassinated in front of her own eyes. She will not stop until she does, and she accomplishes just that.

I don’t want to spoil the movie any further, but it’s such a good movie.

Overall, the movie was a great one. I came across this movie because I was in class and had a substitute that day and they played the movie. At first, the movie didn’t interest me, but certain scenes grabbed my attention, and I told myself I had to watch it. I don’t regret the decision on watching it, and I’m pretty sure you won’t either.

This movie gets a 10/10 rating from me! 🙂