‘The Good Doctor’ on ABC



The Good Doctor is out on its 5th season.

Melissa Eugene, Club Member

The Good Doctor is a show on ABC, and it is about a young adult named Shaun Murphy and his journey working in a hospital.

However, this doctor is not just any ordinary doctor; he is a doctor with autism. Shaun has an extraordinary talent and ability about knowledge in the medical field, which is very rare coming from someone who has autism. This is known as savant syndrome.

Shaun grew up with his best friend: his brother. Shaun and his brother had an abusive father, so they decided to run away from home. Shaun’s father “killed” Shaun’s rabbit, leaving Shaun to resent his father.

That’s when Shaun met Dr. Glassman, theĀ then president of the hospital (In Season 5, a patient buys the hospital), and neurological surgeon. Since then, Dr. Glassman had been the father that Shaun and Steve never had.

Shaun’s brother, Steve, had fallen to his death by accident, leaving Shaun to be all by himself in the world.

Shaun has always had a passion to be in the medical field, but he was always doubted by others because he was on the spectrum. His mentor and father figure, Aaron Glassman, had faith in Shaun and persuaded others that just because Shaun has autism, that doesn’t make him any less of a doctor.

He was eventually allowed a job in St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose, California. Shaun eventually adapted to the new environment.

Shaun had struggles along the way of being the best doctor he could, but he continued to persevere.

Now that the Good Doctor is out on its 5th season, Shaun is getting married to his fiancee, Lea, and saving lives day by day.

I really liked this series. Unlike Grey’s Anatomy, it’s solely based on life-saving, and not so much about the personal lives of the characters. I’m not saying that there isn’t any of that, I’m just saying that the show isn’t merely based on the character’s feelings so to speak.

Also, no hate to the Grey’s Anatomy fans, but the Good Doctor is a better show in MY opinion.

Go watch it! You won’t regret it. :)!