‘Dahmer’ Netflix Show

Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmers mug shot from his 1982 arrest.


Serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s mug shot from his 1982 arrest.

Allison Bower, Staff Writer

Currently, the number one show on Netflix is the Dahmer series. Some find the show disturbing and gruesome while others find it intriguing. The show was about a man named Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer. Between the years 1978-1991, he murdered seventeen people. He lived in his family’s home in Ohio and an apartment complex in Wisconsin. 

Like every show, it is not an exact depiction of what actually happened. The show is categorized as a Crime Thriller Biographical drama that aired on September 21, 2022, on Netflix. As it quickly blew up many people were angry with the show but like other popular shows, it includes controversial topics such as the LGBTQ+ community and racism. Others were mad about the depiction of the victims and their families. It has been said that the families weren’t even notified about the show’s premiere. Some people say they should not have made another show about the event due to uncovering trauma. 

However, the show is interesting if you are into true crime. Areas of the show contain graphic images that may be potentially disturbing. They show a handful of the murders including how Dahmer died. They describe the calls between the police and the neighbor, Glenda Cleveland, a black woman, who called countless times, and every time she was told they were going to send someone over to investigate. They never did. One time the police showed up and even escorted a victim back to Dahmer’s apartment.

Throughout, they explain what happened before the killings and when he was in jail. They showed his parents and his grandma and their effect on him. Even still, it is rated 18+ and may be sensitive for some viewers. I just don’t advise watching before bed.