M3GAN: Movie Summary and Review



M3GAN after getting into a fight with a dog.

Jalisha Rowen, Staff Writer

Gerard Johnstone’s science fiction horror movie “M3GAN” is the new movie going around claiming to be the “New Chucky.” Made in 2022, M3GAN is a movie about an artificially intelligent doll who gains awareness and intellect from its surroundings in order to become its own “Primary User,” or in short terms, its own personality, outsmarting everybody in the movie including M3GANs’ creator, Gemma.

The movie begins with a young girl named Cady and her parents going on a trip to an Oregon ski lodge for a winter vacation. While driving up the mountain in the snow, the snow begins to pour harder, creating a snowstorm on the road. Not being able to see the road, Cady’s parents have no choice but to stop driving in the middle of the road and wait for the storm to finish. Not even a minute after leaving the car parked on the road, a huge truck came and hit them hard from the front, killing both of Cady’s parents and leaving Cady in critical condition.

In less than a week, Cady gets all better and goes on to live with her aunt Gemma who is a roboticist at a high-tech Seattle toy company called Funki. Gemma is a workaholic and has no room in her life for a child nor was she ready to have one anytime soon; however, knowing that she can’t leave her sister’s child with her grandparents, she decides to take Cady in, feeling that it’s the right thing to do for poor Cady.

Gemma would have to take a few days off of work because of this new adjustment and knowing that her boss was already mad with Gemma about a failed new toy she was making without his approval or knowledge; she was going to have a really hard time. One night while Gemma was working in her office at home, Cady walked in and saw her college creation, Bruce. Bruce is a robot that works with a remote control type of gloves that when put on, can control this giant metallic robot. This really caught Cady’s attention and fascinated her. It fascinated her so much that Cady told Gemma, “If she had a toy like Bruce that she wouldn’t need another toy again.” So that’s what Gemma did.

Gemma worked hard, day and night, trying to make the perfect toy just for Cady that would be able to take care of Cady for her, and then finally she finished it. Gemma ultimately creates a Model 3 Generative Android, or in short terms, M3GAN. Everybody was stunned and amazed about M3GAN and its capabilities, having knowledge of Google and the feelings of a human. Nothing could go wrong, everybody thought. But things did go wrong.

Throughout the movie, you get to see the bond between M3GAN and Cady that starts to become dangerously inseparable that even Gemma can’t seem to control.

M3GAN is a good watch for those who like scary movies that do not contain profanity or blood. It’s a PG-13 movie, and I would highly recommend it. My mom claimed it was “really funny and cool.”