“Queen Charlotte” Netflix Review



Jewelry that is similar to what is presented in the show

Allison Bower, Staff Writer

It was expected that the series, Bridgerton would release a new season sometime this year. It was going to be a season with Colin Bridgerton and Penelope Featherington. However, they created a prequel show titled, Queen Charlotte.

In this show, it flashes between the past and the present. And even though the show does not follow any of the Bridgertons, it does still include Violet (Lady Bridgerton) and her younger self. The show switches perspectives between Queen Charlotte to King George and their love along the way. They also strongly include Lady Danbury, her love affairs, and her friendship with the queen. 

In the two seasons of Bridgerton, there are snippets of the king acting strangely which is more explained in the newer show. Although the queen seems unforgiving and stone-faced, she shows a great amount of emotion in the past and present. 

It is not required to watch Bridgerton before watching Queen Charlotte but I personally recommend it. It will give a little more background information on the characters but nothing too important.

There are many scenes that are not kid friendly so if you have a weak stomach or are sensitive to sexual scenes, I do not recommend this show for you. 

There are 6 episodes each about an hour long and you can watch only on Netflix.