Fashion Favorites for Back to School


Sergio Lopez, Staff Writer

As the doors of Santaluces opened to welcome new and returning students for school year, many came in strutting their new gear. The first week of school is a great opportunity to make a first impression that might last the entire school year through the way you dress.

Despite there being many popular fashion trends popping up this year, below are two options you can take inspiration from to spice up your wardrobe.

JOGGER: The 90’s rap symbol beatboxes its way back into this generation’s closet. Joggers come in satin polyester or firm loose canvas, and it throws in an edgy look with a touch of class.

Vibrant hues of summer bring optimism and fierce energy to any style. 
The vivid colors of the sunset: pinks, deep reds and citrus bursts are combined with the neon touches of the 80s.

Dressing to impress is always a great way to start the year, and many students this year did not shy away from their own style and simply wore what made them happy.