3 Fashion Apps That Everyone Needs

Marie Bobb , Staff Writer

I can definitely say that I am an app junkie. Any app you can name, I most likely have it downloaded already. Apps can be extremely helpful for so many different situations, including editing a picture, looking for outfit ideas and even purchasing clothes. From the many clothing apps that I have on my phone, I’ve picked my top three.

  • Dote – This app is absolutely amazing. I found out about it from a friend, and ever since then, I’ve been in love with it. The app is basically a mixture of all your favorite clothing stores put together. You can look at individual stores or look at all the stores together- the choice is up to you. This app is perfect for me because I find it annoying to go back and forth looking at different clothing websites. With this app, it’s all together, so it’s super quick and easy.
  • Pinterest – Many of you all have probably already heard of this app, and that’s because it isn’t just a clothing app. It has a lot of purposes but my main purpose for the app is looking at outfit ideas. The app is extremely easy to understand and super helpful. Whenever I’m having trouble deciding what to wear I just pull up the app and search up some outfit ideas.
  • The Hunt –Have you ever seen a super cute top or shoes on Instagram or Tumblr but you have no idea where to find it? If so, this app is just what you need. Simply screenshot the picture and upload it to the hunt and anyone who knows where to find the item can comment and tell you where to get it. This is definitely my favorite clothing app on my phone so far because it is so helpful and by just scrolling and looking at others post you can find really nice items.

If you’re ever in the need of some quick and easy fashion tips these apps are sure to help. They sure do help me.