More Talking! Less Stressing!

Jessa Lopez, Staff Writer

Students and teachers undergo a great deal of stress during their life, especially in school. You’ll know when you’re under a great deal of stress when you started to ignore your friends, pull your hair out because of frustration or started snapping at people with or without any reason at all. If you are someone who needs help dealing with stress, here are a few tips for you.

Take a breather.
Sounds easy? It’s harder than you think, especially when your mind is juggling a million things at a time. First, simply close your eyes and relax. Try to clear your mind and push away, even for just a second- all the things that causes you to feel stress. Second, try to imagine things that you like or places that you wanted to be in at in this moment. It could be a happy place with ice cream and rainbow sprinkles or the beach with fine, white and crystal blue water. Imagine anything other than school. Lastly, put yourself in that picture and let your mind drift away in your build-up paradise.

Talk to your best friend.
I don’t mean just any of your friends, I mean your very best friend or sister/brother by heart. If you can’t distinguish between a friend and best friend, talk to someone who you really trust. It could be your sibling or your mom or dad, anyone that will make you forget that you have actual problems. Talking rather than keeping things to yourself proves to be beneficial. It can help you lessen the things that you stress about. So, more talking and less stressing!

Get out and have fun.
By “fun”, I mean nothing reckless or stupid because that will add more stress in your life. That’s not what we are aiming for, is it? By “fun”, I mean going out with your closest friends. You and your friends could go and do some karaoke or hanging out at your favorite place or watching any kind of movies (not the depressing types). It could be something really insanely exciting but still sane. It could something very simple like walking around your neighborhood or taking a stroll at a park near you. Let your mind be calm, for once.

Laugh Out Loud.
“Laughter is the best medicine.” The simplest and easiest remedy to your problems is to laugh without a care in the world. Read some jokes online or watch funny videos on YouTube or on Vines. You can also watch a comedy film or watch one of your friends get stuck over a fence. Laughing will make you realize that you can handle anything life throws at you and that you have a life underneath all those pressure. Just be strong, love yourself and others, and laugh.

Take a break and relax.
No, it will not kill you to take a step back and let yourself take a twenty-minute break. It will help you plenty by making yourself be more composed and calm. Your mind will malfunction if you overload it with data that may or may not be needed. So, take a break and have a coffee or tea (whichever you prefer) or listen to your favorite music. Taking a break will not lessen your work time if you plan wisely. A five-minute break will suffice to just let your body stretch and keep your blood flowing.

Eat healthy.
Some people tend to not eat when they’re under stress. Letting yourself starve will only lead you to think incoherently which will frustrate you to an unbearable extent. On the other hand, others may eat but they’re all junk foods and stress-eating will never diminish your anxiety. Eat healthy foods and turn your plate into a rainbow. By healthy, I do mean vegetables, but if you’re not a veggie person, eat some juicy fresh fruits. Eating whole-wheat bread, cereal, and brown rice will help boost your energy and keep your energy levels stable. Avoid eating sugar when you’re stressed because it will cause your blood sugar to skyrocket and makes you even more tired and grouchy. I know that sweets are tempting to have, but remember the consequences it has on your body physically and emotionally-wise.

These tips actually did help me in dealing with my stressful life not just in school, but also life in general. Try to follow some of these tips and see how it works for you. Just remember, think positive and keep moving forward!

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