Keeping Good Vibes All Year!

Amy Acevedo , Staff Writer

Freshmen are panicking, sophomores are somewhat used to it, juniors are ready to become seniors, and the seniors are ready to graduate. All different types of vibes are here in Santaluces Community High School.

Later on into the year, the atmosphere may change and things will switch up. When things change it may not always be good; but I am here to tell you as a senior that staying positive all year is key! Now if we look past the negativity and look into the positive side, keeping good vibes will let everyone have an easy and fun year at Santaluces. So, here are some tips on how to keep good vibes throughout the year:

  • Make new friends and get to know people outside of your original squad
  • Always try to make wise decisions (it will help)
  • Try to take out all the negativity around you
  • Stay focused
  • Set goals and achieve them
  • Enjoy the year and make every moment count

So, to everyone who will think they will struggle this year, fear no more because the good vibes are coming in!