Pumpkin Patch Picking


Haley Hinkofer, Staff Writer

Halloween is the time of year where everyone officially realizes that fall has arrived. Bedner’s Farm is the most popular and well known pumpkin patch in South Florida, which makes it feel as if Florida actually has seasons.

Bender’s Farm is located in Delray Florida, right off of 441 and Atlantic. They open the first day of October and are open seven days a week until October 30th. They have fall activities such as hay rides, a giant corn maze, a petting zoo, bounce houses, face painting, a canon that shoots pumpkins, and their huge pumpkin patch.

Along with all their activities, they also have food that is mouth watering. They have food trucks with a variety of foods such as tacos and ribs, as well as homemade ice cream. The most popular ice cream flavor is candy corn and cider donuts, which are to die for!

Donald Trump also visited the farm a couple of weeks ago to pick pumpkins. Anyone at the farm that day had Halloween come early, receiving the biggest scare of all.