DIY Thanksgiving Treats

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

The best part of Thanksgiving is bonding with family over delicious food. With Thanksgiving a few days away, people are starting to think about the meals they will be cooking and what their plans will be. Whether you plan to have a family reunion, or will simply be enjoying Thanksgiving at home, here are three DIY treats for you to try.

Hershey Acorns:

acornViri Reyes

1. Get one Vanilla Wafer cookie. Take a butter knife and trim the cookie into a smaller circle. You’ll know when you’ve trimmed enough once the circumference of the cookie is a little bit more than the rim of a Hersheys kiss.

2. Use frosting of any flavor and smear a little on the bottom of a Hershey’s kiss. The frosting will act as “glue”.

3. “Glue” the Hershey kiss to the cookie.

4. Take a Semi- Sweet chocolate chip and “glue” it with frosting to the top of the Vanilla Wafer.

Pilgrim Hats:

pilgrim-hatViri Reyes

1. Use a Chips Ahoy Thins cookie. This will act as the base of your hat.

2. Take frosting and “glue” a mini Recces Butter Cup to the center of the smooth side of the Chips Ahoy.

3. Take black gel frosting and apply it around the rim of the mini Recces Butter Cup.

4. Put a Recces Piece on the front of your hat. Make sure it touches the black gel so that it will stay in place.

Recess Butter Cup Turkey:

turkeyViri Reyes

1. The body of your turkey will be a normal sized Reccees butter cup.

2. “Glue” the bottom of a mini Recees butter cup to the bottom of the bigger recces cup with frosting. This will be the turkeys face.

3. “Glue” 2 Semi- sweet chocolate chips with white frosting on the top of the small recces butter cup to act as the eyes.

4. Using a little bit of frosting put some on part of the rim of an orange recces pieces. Then put it in the middle to act as the turkeys beak.

5. For the turkey’s wings, on the big recces butter cup, put two recces pieces all around the mini recces butter cup. Start with the orange, than yellow recces pieces. Add a second row of recess pieces to emphasize the wings.