Top 5 Candles for the Christmas Season

Viri Reyes, Staff Writer

As Christmas nears, I am hit with the sad reality that in Florida there is nothing that gives off the christmas spirit besides stores being festively decorated. Sometimes, if we’re lucky we’ll get a “cold front.” Since I love christmas and wait all year for it, when it gets here I like to create a Christmas atmosphere. The best way to make your house feel like Christmas is to buy candles. Not only do they create a relaxing feel, but they just fill the air with aroma that reminds you of Christmas and what’s better than that?

Here are my top 5 candles for the Christmas season:

1. Winter Pine: This candle smells just like a freshly cut Christmas tree. If this year you aren’t putting up a real Christmas tree, and are tired of the smell of plastic in your house because of a fake tree, burn this candle so that it can smell like a real tree.

2. Chestnut & Clove: This candle smells faintly of a Christmas tree mixed in with the scent of expensive cologne. I put this candle in my room because while it gives off a christmas vibe, it also creates a really comfortable atmosphere.

3. Winter: This candle smells the way I imagine walking outside while its snowing smells like, and it smells the way I imagine sitting by a fire with hot cocoa feels like. I burn this candle when it’s night time and I’m watching a Christmas classic. It just smells the way I imagine a perfect winter night does.

4. Marshmallow Fireside: This candle is for acquired scents, if you’re someone who loves when your house smells like desserts for this season, you will love for your house to smell like marshmallows roasting. I recommend this candle to be put in a really spacious room so that the scent can distribute, because if not it can be overwhelming.

5. Winter Cedar: This candle is great for those who wish they can just use their perfume as a room spray but will not do that because of how expensive perfume is. This candle smells more of a manly cologne, with just a hint of pine tree.