10 Stocking Stuffers Ideas

Matthew Leto, Sports Editor

The most iconic christmas tradition is the filling of the stocking. The mystery of what hides inside the stocking creates the magic associated with Christmas Morning. If you have a spouse, friend or you are a secret santa, here are 10 stocking stuffers to buy this Christmas season.

Gift Cards: When in doubt buy a gift card, anything that buys food is great.

Fun Socks: Fun socks are on the rise, especially to keep your style popping.

Headphones: For when you lose your current headphone.

Phone Charger: Useful when you break the cord.

Candy: Just as good as free food.

Miniature things: Anything miniature is cool.

Phone cases: Anything to keep your phone from cracking

Auxiliary cords: Useful to keep a car vibing

Concert tickets: Things that will be a surprise to shock the room

Advil: When you realize winter break is over.