Makeup is Art


Olivia Moore, Managing Editor

Some people find passion for art from a canvas, others in strings on a guitar. However, I prefer to express my love for art through eyeshadow and highlighter.

People have been wearing makeup for centuries, and it’s now become an iconic part of every culture. However, there has been a constant debate about the reason why women wear makeup and who they’re wearing it for. I know from personal experience that I love makeup and I never wear it for anyone but myself. Yes, there are occasions where I’ll change up my look for an event, but it’s never to impress a guy or anyone for that matter. People who wear makeup don’t spend hundreds of dollars and hours everyday on makeup just to impress someone, but because they love it and it’s their choice.

Makeup is a type of art that requires technique and that’s why it can be considered an art form. You have to know what colors compliment each other when picking out eyeshadow and lipstick, and how to perfect the arch of an eyebrow or eyeliner. When doing makeup, it’s like painting a canvas, only it’s your face.

“Makeup has always been a choice for me. It’s a creative outlet for me and many other people across the world. I’m able to switch up myself; one day I can have glitter eyelids and the next have long eyelashes,” says senior Lauren Martinez. “With makeup, I can be me. It’s sad that we live in a misogynistic world that thinks anything a woman does has to be revolved around men’s likes and dislikes.”

While people might assume makeup is geared around women, it’s not. Makeup is a choice of art, which means that it’s not designed for a specific gender. Anyone who loves it can wear it, because it’s not a girl thing. It’s a human thing.

James Charles is a makeup artist who gained popularity over social media due to his talent for makeup. He is now the first male ambassador for Cover Girl by promoting a new mascara called “Lash Equality” which promotes the use of makeup by anyone who chooses to wear it, not only women.

The use of makeup is something that many people find passion for, and would consider it their choice of art. While wearing makeup doesn’t mean you’re looking to impress anyone or be better than others, it’s just a way of expressing and being true to yourself. So if you see someone rocking a full face of makeup, know it’s just them being who they are, and not what people want them to be.