Protecting Your Skin This Spring Break


Dulce Paz, Staff Writer

When you’re outside or at the beach, you’re probably not thinking about sun exposure and the effect it has on your skin. During spring break, the sun is at an all time high and people still engage in outside activities without putting on any protection from the sun. Sunscreen is one of the best methods to prevent damage and to avoid a trip to the dermatologist. It’s a very simple task that goes a long way but some people don’t bother; 14% of men wear sunscreen daily along with 29% of women, in a  survey by the CDC.

Florida has the second highest melanoma rate in the nation which can easily be prevented by putting on sunscreen 15 minutes before exposure. It’s also important to reapply every 2 hours so that it soaks into your skin. Wearing accessories like hats and sunglasses also help protect sensitive areas like around your eyes. Water resistant sunscreens are also not reliable; you must still reapply.

Although it might seem unimportant to spend a few minutes applying sunscreen, a little bit goes a long way. It could be a health changing decision.

“I think protecting yourself from the sun, especially at a young age and especially during the hot months,” said junior Darnell Jean-Louis.