Smoothie Central at Natural Blends Cafe

Viri Reyes , Staff Writer

The worst feeling ever is being out in the hot sun with no type of drink in your hands. Something I find even worse, is when you work out and can’t find anything perfect to fulfill you afterwards. You’ll be glad to know I’ve found a hidden treasure conveniently right beside a YouFit gym. On Lake Worth and Jog Rd, there’s a delicious smoothie spot. Whether you just finished a workout or just happened to drive by, these smoothies are sure to charge you up.

When you first walk in, you’re greeted by a huge menu. Trust me when I tell you, you have never seen such an insane variety of flavors. They have flavors like the Caribbean Breeze, Kiwi Kicker, Goji GoGo, and my favorite, the Hawaiian Healer. The smallest size they offer is a 16 oz for $4.95, and the 32 oz size is $7.50. Their prices I think are pretty reasonable seeing how full they leave you. The blissful taste of the smoothies makes you feel like you’re drinking them on a beach surrounded by swaying palm trees. It’s like paradise in a 16 or 32 oz cup.

Even better, their work space is open for you to see. You get to see exactly what’s put in your smoothie. I was excited for this, because I hate when they blend up fruit flavored syrup, ice and call that a smoothie. Can you believe they actually put real fruit and juice in there?

They have other things besides smoothies, like their famous organic Acai Bowls that can be topped with granola, peanut butter, shaved coconut, raw honey and different fruit. They come in four different flavors like the original, Coco-Loco, Butter Cup, and The Indulgent which are $8.00. They have sandwiches, flatbread and wraps that are $7.00, and you can stuff them up with everything they have to offer. So if you want something light, or want an actual meal, you have choices here. Better yet, the choices are really healthy and delicious.

This smoothie shop is really spacious, and they have a whole wall of windows. It’s super bright in there, and for some reason, just stepping foot inside makes you feel like you’re doing yourself a favor. It’s not hard to see why because when you’re done eating, you feel full of energy. The vibes in the cafe are very uplifting and their smoothies are the best. So if you’re ever on Jog Rd and Lake Worth, make sure to stop by. I’m warning you, you will become addicted.