Gourmet Donuts at Glazed and Confused

Viri Reyes , Staff Writer

Donuts are delicious. Everyone knows that. But aren’t you tired of those same boring ones from Dunkin Donuts? What if I told you about a new spot where you can get revolutionized gourmet donuts. I’m not talking about the same boring flavors just being baked differently. I’m talking about donuts that are topped with fruit loops, coconuts, and bits of Recess cups. On Stribling Way and State rd 7 in the same plaza of Trader Joe’s, is Glazed and Confused.

If you’re obsessed with donuts already, you will not believe your eyes when you look at all the donuts on display. They’re not just delicious, but they smell amazing and are the reason why I don’t have any money. A single donut costs $1.49, six pack is $8.99, and by the dozen is $12.99. They have flavors that will leave you hooked, like maple bacon, cinnamon chocolate twist, and lemon meringue. However, Glazed and Confused can only truly be enjoyed if you wake up early and run to the shop. I went around noon, and they were limited to flavors because they ran out of donuts as soon as they put them out. That’s how good and loved they are.

Glazed and Confused isn’t just donuts, they also have bagel sandwiches. They have different kinds of bagels and they’re huge. For a simple egg sandwich it’s $2.99, egg with cheese is $3.99, and egg with cheese, bacon sausage or ham is $4.99. I had an egg with cheese and sausage bagel and it was delicious. I could only eat half and had to save the rest for later as well as my donuts because eating only half of the sandwich left me so full.

If you decide to take the long drive only for donuts (best decision you’ll ever make), remember to wake up early because their donuts go fast. Also, don’t go in expecting to find all the donuts they have to offer, they select the flavor of donuts to make at random. You will enjoy them nonetheless for their uniqueness, I can promise that.