Homecoming Check List


Nick Lopez, Staff Writer

Whether you are going stag or with the beauty from your chemistry class, and it’s important to plan ahead to have the best night possible.

Test run your clothing: The worst thing to happen hours before the dance is to find out that your dress or dress shirt doesn’t fit as it used to. The best thing to do is to try on your clothes with at least 3 days to spare. This gives you or a peer adequate time to make adjustments to your clothing.

Have tickets ready: When getting ready to roll out with your friends or date, it is best to know where your tickets are. Schools may have a list of names and student numbers to allow you in, but it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Make floral arrangements ahead of time: If you think you’ll be the smart guy or girl to get their date a corsage by just walking into the local florist you’ll soon realize that you aren’t going to get far. Most of these things tend to sellout quickly or if they do have some left, it will be a limited selection. Buy ahead and be prepared.

Don’t forget to have fun: Throughout the midst of having stress from asking someone, waiting to be asked, and clothes shopping it is important to remember that this is a night of fun. Go out and have a fun time. Make sure to stay safe and have lots of fun, the night is young!