Places to Eat Before Homecoming

Places to Eat Before Homecoming

Tiffany Stavrakas, Staff Writer

Homecoming is a special event to many people. While stressing over the perfect dress, nails, makeup and ride, a lot of the time people forget about how important it is to go out for dinner on this busy day.

There are so many places to choose from when trying to pick a place to eat. You could go the quick way and get fast food or you could go the fancy way and go to a restaurant.

If you decide to go the quick and easy way then you won’t need to plan that far in advance for a lot of time. You could go to Taco Bell, McDonalds, Burger King or any other fast food place around. This option is by far the easiest and gets ┬áthe job done without wasting that much time. Even though it isn’t considered classy it’s still a better alternative to not getting food in general.

If you decide that you want to go the more sophisticated way, then you can go to a restaurant. This option takes a bit more time and should be planned promptly into your schedule with some extra time in case things don’t go as planned. Depending on the restaurant you choose to go to, you should make reservations if needed, you don’t want to be wasting more time than you have to. On this day you have many things to do and everything gets crammed in a small time.

If you don’t want an extremely fancy restaurant, you could go to Chipotle. However, if you want to go to a more fancier restaurant you could go to the Key Lime House, Saito’s, Olive Garden, Carrabbas, or Duffy’s.

Going out to eat before the dance is extremely important because the dance starts at 7 and doesn’t end until 11. There are very few people that want to go out to dinner that late at night after the dance.

Whether you go the quick and easy way or the more “fancy” way the main point of this night is to have a good time.