What’s the Hype About? Grand Opening of Zero Degrees


Wanisha Thomas

Grand opening at Zero Degrees

Aliya Linan

Zero Degrees started out as a small dessert shop in California. As the company expanded, they moved throughout the country and they now specialize in drinks and snacks. This week Zero Degrees had its grand opening in Greenacres on February 16th and 17th. Zero Degrees is an Asian-Hispanic fusion chain and they now claim the number one spot of Asian-Hispanic fusion cafe.

Zero Degrees has been seen all over social media. The aesthetically pleasing food and drinks has attracted many customers. However, is the pleasing photos rather than the food the real reason for attracting customers?

Many customers were lined up to taste the new restaurant in town. The line during the grand opening weekend was so long that many customers had to wait outside. With new employees, many were getting the hang of how to make the the food and specialized drinks such as the Mangonada. The Mangonada is their signature drink. It consists of mango slush, with chunks of real mango inside topped with more chunks of real mango and Tajin seasoning to add a spicy kick.

 Senior Gonzalo Barcamonta went the opening weekend and enjoyed it.

“I think it’s good. I think it’s worth the hype, everyone was saying it’s good. I think it was worth it and it’s not that expensive. When I went, I got the carne asada fries and the watermelon drink it was really good.”

On the other hand, many think the complete opposite,

“It was okay. I didn’t like the smoothies that much. I got the watermelon one,” said senior Madison Ford. “It’s not worth the long lines because it’s really expensive and it wasn’t even that good. I was waiting in line for about twenty five minutes and then after I ordered it, it took about another fifteen minutes to get my food.”