Ready for Graduation


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Santaluces’ seniors are ready to receive their diploma.

Zayra Trejo, Opinion Editor

As April comes to an end, Santaluces seniors are becoming restless. The graduates-to-be are counting down the days to May 15 and seem to get more excited as the day approaches. The majority have already committed to their colleges or made their post-secondary plans whether it is taking a gap year or entering the military. Caps and gowns have been ordered and will be ready to wear for graduation day.

Senioritis has hit many seniors with only a few days left. Many come to school only to receive their attendance, trying to avoid those final exams. Some are still a bit more worried about what happens after graduation while others are ready to leave the moment the ceremony is over.

Senior Maly Alain is ready but not ready for life after graduation. Alain states, “I’m ready to graduate but I’m not ready for life after high school. I have to become completely responsible and stand on my own. I feel like high school didn’t really prepare me for the real world but it did help build up my character.”

Other seniors have completely mixed feelings. Some feel the excitement now but know that they will be feeling pretty nervous the day of. Senior Jo’anya Sainval is not sure if anyone can even be prepared for graduation. Sainval says, “I feel like I’m prepared for graduation but honestly who is ever really prepared? We’ll never know until the day of.” She then thinks about how she will feel when she is walking on that stage to receive her diploma she has worked very hard for, “When I walk on the stage, I’ll probably be nervous until I get off but then excited and upset because as much as we hate to admit it, we’ll miss high school.”

Graduation is on May 15, 2019 and Santaluces’ Chiefs will be the first to graduate once again.