Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day


Micaela Saravia, Staff Writer

It can definitely be agreed that our mothers go above and beyond for us on a daily basis, and gifting or making her something nice for her on Mother’s day is a great way to give back. Mother’s day this year is on Sunday, May 12th and with it being right around the corner, here are some gift ideas that could be given to any mother and is guaranteed to make her happy.

  1. Breakfast: Surprising your mom with breakfast in bed on her special day could be a good way to start off the day. Waking up earlier than her in the morning and putting the effort of making her favorite breakfast could wake her up with a smile.
  2. Personalized jewelry: Gifting your mom jewelry such as a bracelet or necklace that has a personalized message shows your love towards her and is something she can wear whenever. For example, a necklace that has a photo of you and her together on it.
  3. Flowers: You can never go wrong with flowers, they are something that you can surprise her with and she can put around the house to remind her of your appreciation for her.
  4. Edible arrangements: Giving your mother an assortment of fruits which are beautifully decorated accompanied by a sweet note is a good gift if she likes eating fruits. Or even chocolate covered strawberries which can be made easily at home as a substitution.
  5. Something Sentimental: You can gift her something that shows not only that you are thankful for her but also is customized to her such as collage framed of multiple photos of the two of you or a video made filled with clips of your family together and happy memories shared together. This type of gift would typically be the best when it comes to a budget but also giving her something that had effort put into it or reminiscent of previous happy memories would make her happy.