Chiefs Make Saturday A Success


Students meet at the Media Center for Saturday Success.

Ilisha Strassler, Staff Writer

On Saturdays, students have an opportunity to practice for tests like the SAT or the Geometry EOC at Santaluces’ annual Saturday Success. In schools across the county students have been provided with Saturday tutoring, but Santaluces has the highest attendance in the district.

Last Saturday was the first weekend of tutoring and over 100 students attended. Mrs. Hayden and Mr. Ramos are both in charge of Saturday Success. Mrs. Hayden has a goal of having 25% of students attend Saturday Success, which would be about 600 students.

Students have a chance for one-on-one time with teachers, which makes it easier for students to learn, focus, and ask questions. All students who attend will have access to computers. If transportation is a problem, students can be picked up by bus. After the session is done, students will be given free pizza.

Many of the students who attended felt that Saturday Success lived up to its name.

“I felt like reviewing the information helped me better understand it,” said sophomore Isabel Ruiz, who attended for Algebra 2 help.

Teachers who helped out also felt like it was a big help for the students.

“It’s exciting to watch the students dive in with enthusiasm,” said English teacher Ms. Hamilton. “You could see them learning and teaching each other.”

Not only do certain teachers offer extra credit, but students who attend five or more Saturday Successes, will be entered in a raffle and have a chance at winning two free prom tickets and other fun prizes like iPads, widescreen televisions and other electronics.

“I really think it’s worth [it],” said Mrs. Hayden. “We have a solid team of teachers who the students know and appreciate, the students who come have been more successful on assessments.”