Media Invades After Student With TB Off Campus for Treatment

The unnamed student has been off campus and in treatment for two weeks.

Ilisha Strassler, Co Editor

Yesterday news hit campus that a fellow chief has been infected with tuberculosis, a contagious infectious bacterial disease that affects the lungs. On Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning, TV news trucks parked outside campus to report the story. The trucks were back Thursday morning.

The student’s health status was confirmed last week and the Chief was placed in quarantine where he or she will be taking medication for at least six months. Any person who came in contact with the student was informed through a letter sent home Friday and will be tested, according to the Palm Beach County Health Department.

On Tuesday afternoon all Chiefs received a call from the school about the incident. On Thursday, Mrs. Robinson said the student has not been on campus for two weeks.

“The individual is no longer on campus and has not been for a long time,” said Mrs. Robinson. “I want to reassure everyone that everything here is safe.”

Representatives from the Palm Beach County Health Department will be on campus Thursday afternoon to answer questions or concerns from staff members. Symptoms of TB include fever, fatigue, and chronic coughing.