Santaluces Chiefs Unite for Mrs. Sheridan


Israel Taylor, Entertainment Editor

Mrs. Sheridan was one of Santaluces’ most popular teachers until she moved last year to Dreyfoos School of The Arts (DSOA). Most notable for her AP and regular U.S. history and Psychology classes, she quickly became a favorite and friend among students.

Over the past week it has come to the public that Mrs. Sheridan’s husband, Neil, has been diagnosed with a rare stage 4 cancer. The Sheridans are parents of two young children, one of which was born just this past year. Now, with the news of Mr. Sheridan’s condition, the young family is put under stress both physically and financially.

Teachers at Dreyfoos have created a GoFundMe account in order to aide in her husband’s medical expenses.  The fund has accumulated $8,482 as of Friday morning with the help of their extend family at both Santaluces and Dreyfoos. Comments of well wishes have flooded the site in hopes of a full recovery for her husband.

If you wish to donate, click here.