Chiefs Win Rivalry Week

Whitney Thelusme, Staff Writer

The idea for rivalry week was brought up by Park Vista’s SGA to raise money for breast cancer and to increase school spirit in the students of both schools. The deal was that which ever school raises the most money for breast cancer wins and the losing school’s principal will get slimed during halftime of the football game.

Santaluces raised $3,986 and Park Vista raised $1,410. We more than doubled what Park Vista raised and spared our principal from getting slimed.

Ms.Robinson and I got to slime Park Vista’s principal, Mr.Myers, on their football field. It was a great feeling to know that Santaluces beat PV.

“It was a great opportunity for our students to really give back to the community in a fun way,” said Ms.Robinson. “I was so very proud of our students for everything that they did. The contributions made by the students and the staff [were] in order for us to win and have the opportunity to slime Mr. Myers, but it was bigger than the slime… just really making sure that our kids know the importance of giving back to the community.