Donald Trump Wins the Presidency


Gerald Herbert

Photo courtesy of Donald Trump

Kyle Swaters, Staff Writer

After eighteen months of controversial, mind numbing, unprecedented presidential campaigning, the American people can finally breathe. With a major upset against Clinton and her supporters, Donald Trump has been elected Commander in Chief. Not only has Trump secured the White House, Republicans now have a majority in both the House and Senate. To those who support conservative, right wing policies, it is a fantastic milestone in Washington.

Trump was able to dominate in multiple swing states, which allowed him to triumph in unexpected ways. He won Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina, which were expected. But then, Trump swept the “rust belt” states of  Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Before election day, much of the media discussed how he would need at least Florida and a couple of other swing states to potentially win the presidency. Not only did he win Florida, he won  all the other close-race states he needed to. In spite of Clinton receiving the majority in the popular vote, the electoral college ended with Trump receiving 290 votes, and Clinton 228.

Trump owes his victory to the “silent majority,” or the group of people who did not pledge their support until election day. This election was considered an “upset” among the general public, many of who were almost certain that Clinton would clinch the election. The shocking outcome was a surprise not only to Democratic supporters but Republican advocates as well.