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The Maya Train: A New Hope

Cindy Apolonio Romero
The Maya Train under construction in Campeche, Mexico. One of the stations in the route.

The Maya Train is on its way to completion and has shown great improvement. I was very excited to see the Maya train being built during my recent trip to Cancun, Mexico. The Maya Train will travel from Chiapas to Quintana Roo, Mexico. The route was thoroughly thought out so that the train would bring tourists from all across Mexico and show them what the Pueblo Magicos of the countryside had to offer. Pueblos Magicos—which translates to “magical towns”—are small towns that hold unique features and insight into Mexican cultures. Unlike their big-city counterparts, these towns rarely get the tourist traction they deserve since it’s hard for tourists to travel there. This project will bring more money into these small towns as it makes it easier for people to travel to them.

The Maya Train will be helpful to the people who live in those towns because they can share their cultures with tourists from all over the world. Not only would this bring income into the community, but it will help the community preserve their culture. It’s incredible to see a project that will finally give the people of the country credit for their work.

Tourists won’t be the only ones using the Mayan Train though. In an effort to bring both economic prosperity and easy public transportation to these communities, natives will be offered lower rates for travel. According to, locals will only have to pay about 2.50 USD compared to tourists who will have a fee of 50 USD.

This project has created jobs all over Mexico and has helped new graduates get into the fields they want, female engineers who once would never have had the chance to work on a big project like this, now are. Machismo, a strong masculine pride that runs in the country; is a huge social problem in Mexico but the train is helping tear down gender barriers that were once up.

In addition to the train, the government is also strategically building six hotels. This is so that tourists have the accommodations to stay longer and explore the beautiful sites they are visiting. “This is a good proposition made by the state [because] it will bring more investments into the country and create jobs in many sectors,” said Daniel Apolonio Romero, a chef at Mayakoba Playa del Carmen, on how the train would influence the tourism industry.

However, Daniel also pointed out the backlash that the train has been facing. “It is being criticized for harming the ecosystem because forests have to be cut through for the train to pass the intended route. But I think it is a great project because it is for the people and will help many Mexicans prosper a better future.” People often overlook the many factories that release toxins and destroy Mexico’s environment for their own profit. Ironically, a project intended to help the country is facing backlash.

Mexicans living in the United States also have their own opinions on the train. Manuela Romero helped give us some insight into this perspective. “It is a good opportunity to look at all the places I haven’t been to in Mexico. It is a good [and cost-efficient] form of transportation for people that don’t have cars. I am very proud to see the government making a change.”

“Tren Maya” is set out to start working and taking its first passengers on December 1st, 2023, opening a new chapter for all of Mexico and the millions of tourists that visit the country each year.

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Cindy Apolonio Romero
Cindy Apolonio Romero, Staff Writer
Hello, my name is Cindy, and I am a Senior this year. This is my third and final year with the Tribe, sadly, but I am really excited for this year and want to have as much fun as I can. I am in many clubs and sports here at Santaluces. Each year, it's my goal to try different things to have no regrets.

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