Preparing for Irma

Jordan Cruz, Staff Writer

Ever since news of how severe hurricane Irma will possibly be, this has left south Floridians on edge with the necessary preparations for the storm. Stocking up on certain supplies, covering windows, and securing loose objects are all routine actions that long time Florida residents know all too well. For those who are fortunate enough to never experienced a hurricane, it is never a matter to take lightly. The aftermath of storms of this proportion can be devastating, therefore one should choose to be safe than sorry.

Schools in Palm Beach County have been closed for Thursday, 9/7 and Friday, 9/8, in preparation for the oncoming storm.

Hurricane Irma evolved into a category 5 storm, along with winds of up to 185 miles per hour. This makes it the most powerful hurricane to originate in the Atlantic. This has led to Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, to declare a state of emergency and urge evacuation. Currently, Irma is wreaking havoc in the Caribbean.

Important Items to Have: 

  • water
  • gasoline
  • propane
  • window shutters
  • flashlights
  • batteries
  • portable chargers
  • charcoal
  • lighter fuel
  • generator
  • duct tape
  • canned foods

Tristan Young, “My family decided to go extremely overboard, so I have stacks upon stacks of water bottles, canned foods, and gallons of extra gasoline.”

Some students are concerned with how loosely people are taking the serious news.

“I think Irma is a joke because it’s funny to me how Floridians are sitting here joking about a serious issue instead of preparing and buying supplies. ” Keshia Dorelin

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